About us

value to nutrition

ICC Brazil is a benchmark in research and innovative solutions for the animal nutrition industry

We are recognised in Brazil and abroad for providing innovative solutions for animal nutrition based on yeast, with effective logistics and production to serve the local market and over 55 countries.

To support the company’s expressive growth over the last 27 years, we have constantly invested in innovation and technology, and have become a benchmark company in the development of products that guarantee greater productivity and profitability to customers.

We maintain partnerships with universities and research centres in Brazil and abroad conducting in vivo and in vitro research in several areas of animal production, attesting to the quality and effectiveness of our products in controlling pathogens and reducing contamination, with gains in productivity, animal welfare, greater efficiency, and business sustainability.

We are expanding our animal science research and development team, and we have great employees who are engaged with and committed to the investments made to expand our product line in the animal nutrition industry. Always striving to meet market needs, we are developing a new portfolio of products that promise to revolutionise the animal nutrition market in the years to come.

ICC Brazil storyline

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ICC Brazil storyline

Our mission

ICC Brazil provides innovative solutions aiming at animal performance, health and food safety. Our mission is to add value to the animal production chain, focusing on productivity gains, biosecurity and animal welfare.

Our vision

We believe in the potential of research and development of new biotechnology-based products. Be a reference in research and development of functional products for animal nutrition is our commitment.

Our values

Commitment to growth and results.
Science-based solutions.
Practice of innovation.
Continuous improvement.