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Founded in 1992, ICC was born rooted in yeast additives. Over the years, we have become a company dedicated to innovative solutions aiming at performance, health and food safety.

ICC is a Brazilian company that combines research and biotechnology. For over 22 years, ICC conducts ongoing experiments to prove the benefits of yeast additives to several animal species.

With rigorous quality control, we follow up all manufacturing stages, ensuring the excellence of our products.

The recognition of our technology and quality is translated into exports to around 180 customers among more than 50 countries.

ICC provides innovative solutions aiming at animal performance, health and food safety. Our mission is to add value to animal production chain, focusing on productivity gains, biosecurity and animal welfare.

We believe in the potential of research and development of new biotechnology-based products. Be a reference in research and development of functional products for animal nutrition is our commitment.

Commitment to growth and results.
Science-based solutions.
Practice of innovation.
Continuous improvement.

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Currently broiler production is one of the major world markets. Due to constant and in-depth researches in the field of nutrition and genetic improvement, as well as sanitation and manipulation, we have an intense and extremely efficient production when compared with productions of other animal species.

However, the limitations found in poultry farming are exactly the consequence of this high-density housing and accelerated growth, quality of feed ingredients and constant sanitary challenges.

Today the market requires quality meat, that is a safe source of protein at an affordable price.

There are countless challenges in the production of broiler breeders such as pathogen contamination, stress, environmental challenges, food restriction, vaccinations and egg production.

One of the major concerns refers to the chicken’s health during the entire productive cycle so that its maximum genetic potential may be expressed and vertical pathogen transmission through eggs to its progeny and consequent shell contamination may be reduced.

In the production of commercial, the immense challenge is to produce a quality product at an affordable price. It is common that low quality ingredients are used in the diet aside from countless climatic, environmental and sanitary challenges. Pathogen egg contamination is cause of great concern.

To invest in chickens’ health is the first step to overcome market challenges and obtain an excellent final product.

ICC offers solutions to intensify the immunological system of chickens, by improving response against challenges, reducing pathogen contamination and improving productivity.

Pig farming faces diverse sanitary challenges and the nursing phase is the most critical.
The weaned piglet does not have its immunological and digestive systems totally developed yet and it’s under adaptation process to new feed given.

To stimulate consumption is also a great challenge in this stage.

ICC offers solutions to strengthen the immunological system, by improving animal performance against challenges.

The feed intake stimulation in piglets nutrition has high impact on mortality reduction and greater weight gain

The production of healthy breeders with short weaning to service interval and breeders with high number of born piglets is extremely desirable.

For this to be possible, it is indispensable that the breeders receives adequate nutrition and its immunological system is stable.

ICC offers solutions to provide support to the breeder in the period of gestation and lactation, by improving the animal’s general condition and consequently its progeny.

The challenges of beef cattle farming are consequences of handling and nutrition techniques. Both are reflection of the bovine farming productive system.

A confined herd that receives diets rich in concentrate (starch) can present a condition of frequent rumen acidosis and consequent losses to producers.

ICC offers solutions directed toward animal health based on functional nutrition, which can act on conditions of rumen acidosis and reflect on major productivity.


The challenges in dairy cattle farming refers to handling, sanitation and nutrition.
A productive herd generates high cost and several nutritional challenges. The transition period is highly challenging during the productive cycle of a dairy cow.

ICC offers solutions directed toward animal health based on functional nutrition that reflect generally on greater productive efficiency.


The transition period of calves from monogastric to ruminant is challenging.

It is in this period that many diseases occur and animal metabolism is not prepared yet to fully defend themselves. It is of extreme importance for nutrition to support this transition period and to strengthen these animals’ immunological system.

ICC offers solutions to strengthen the animal’s defense system by improving performance in critical phases and reflecting in lower mortality and greater weight gain.

Shrimp farming is a production system with many sanitary, nutritional and handling challenges. The shrimp does not have a specific immunological system and, therefore does not produce antibodies to defend itself from pathogens. It has an innate immune system (it does not have specific immunological responses and memory in cases of reinfection).

These are the main reasons that make it a very disease susceptible production system.

ICC offers solutions to strengthen the shrimp’s innate immunological system, by improving its response against sanitary challenges and increasing number of days for the producer to react in case of a contamination, aside from improving the productivity in a general way.

Fresh or saltwater fish farming faces diverse challenges, especially nutritional and sanitary. The aquatic environment favors pathogen transmission more easily and makes its control and treatment difficult. Nutrition is a challenge as well, due to awareness of nutritional requirements, ingredients used and diet management, etc.

ICC offers solutions to intensify the immunological system, by improving response against challenges and reflecting in a general way in greater productivity.

Nutrition, health and well-being of pets are the major concerns of the pet food industry and also of their consumers. A diet that meets the animal’s requirements, which maintains quality of life and stable immune system is what is expected by animal protectors.

ICC offers solutions for improving nutrition and strengthening the immune system, resulting in a healthy and well-nourished animal.

ICC also offers solutions for other species like horses, rabbits and others, always focusing on health as result of an ideal and functional nutrition.

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Probiotic based on active yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae strain. ActiveFlora® was developed to resist the rumen environment and monogastrics stomach .


Functional fiber constituted by MOS and ß-glucans. ImmunoWall® promotes balance and integrity in gut microflora due to its efficiency to agglutinate pathogenic bacteria as Salmonella ssp and E. coli. ImmunoWall® also modulates the immune system preventing general pathogen challenges present in the field.

*In the United States the brand ImmunoWall® is marketed as IMW50®.

*In Iran the brand ImmunoWall® is marketed as Immunogen®.


Source of free nucleotide, the ideal form of absorption. Supports the early development of young animals and the efficiency of breeders improving the feed conversion and overall productivity. Also provides nucleotides for the improvement of the immune system.


Indumel® dried molasses is an excellent palatability agent and energy source. Due to its dried form, Indumel® makes handling easier, reduces wastes and application costs. Excellent natural binder.


Autolyzed yeast obtained by a process that stimulates cellular disruption through endogenous enzymes, leading to higher availability of peptides, di-peptides and short-chain polypeptides. LysCell® presents better palatability and higher digestibility than other yeasts.


Mycotoxins binder that combines ß-glucans and aluminosilicates action. StarFix® is a unique product with ability to absorb a wide range of mycotoxins with a hepatic regenerator effect.


Inactive dried yeast from sugar cane molasses fermentation. In addition to high palatability, StarYeast® present excellent nutritional profile, with high concentration of vitamins B complex.

*In Asia the brand StarYeast® is also marketed as Maxi Cell Pro®.




Organic selenium rich in selenomethionine, the ideal form of adsorption. Selenium plays an essential role in the animal’s life cycle reducing the oxidative process and cellular aging, it is also important in the immune system, reproductive efficiency, enzymatic action and other vital systems.


Fermentation soluble solids. Specially developed to stimulate the cellulolytic bacteria activity and boost the rumen’s microflora condition. Improves feed intake, milk yield and the cattle’s general health.

*In the United States the brand RumenYeast® is marketed as RYeast40®.


Natural aluminosilicate from high purity bentonite clays extracted from South America. High efficiency to adsorb polar mycotoxins such as Aflatoxins and T-2. Dioxine free.

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Applied research

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ICC Research and Biotechnology adding value.

The first studies conducted by ICC in collaboration with highly skilled universities and research centers began in 1997.
Our experiments are conducted in various areas of animal production: poultry, pigs, cattle, aquaculture, pets, etc. There is also the focus in each market, as ICC is present in several countries. The partnership with universities and renowned research centers provides great credibility and reliability to the studies’ results.
Stronger and healthier animals are the results of continuous study and dedication.

Applied Poultry Research Unit

ICC-USP Applied Poultry Research Unit in partnership with the University of São Paulo, Pirassununga/SP, is coordinated by a select group of PhD’s, specialized in animal studies, aiming at new strategies to improve animal health and production.
The structure has an experimental shed with 450 m² of covered area and capacity to house 1,680 broilers with monitored climate environment. Such structure is completed by a morphometric analysis laboratory. The Unit has capacity to run 7 experiments per year.
ICC-USP Applied Poultry Research Unit is one of the synonyms of ICC’s commitment to offer its customers state of the art products with high efficiency and 100% reliability.

ICC Quality Program – IQP

Food traceability and safety are core values for ICC. That is why we implement a quality control program, which monitors all manufactured batches, assuring delivery of safe and reliable products according to our specification.

International Quality Certification

Since 2003 ICC is certified by GMP + International, guaranteed traceability of their goods throughout production stage until delivery to the customer.


IPPE 2016

You are invited to join us at IPPE 2016 (International Production & Processing Exp). ICC will be attending this event with a booth and an oral presentation. Come visit us: Booth 2531 l Hall A – Georgia World Congress Center, Atlanta, USA. The oral presentation “Performance of broilers fed diets supplemented with yeast mannan oligosaccharide and/or …


Micotoxins: Prevention is still the best solution!

Mycotoxins are the secondary metabolites of fungi and their frequency of occurrence and/or the severity of the disease that they produces will determinate the importance. The group of mycotoxins that are important in feed production and came mostly from cereals are aflatoxins, fumonisins, zearalenone, deoxynivalenol (DON), ochratoxin, and T-2 toxin (Richard, 2007) …


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