Animal nutrition optimizes animal performance

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Research that promotes the improvement of animal performance, based on alternative and natural sources of nutrition, has become increasingly frequent.

Obtaining positive results in animal production also involves animal management techniques. And just like the nutrition plan, mechanisms used to improve the performance and productivity of farm animals must comply with the regulations of MAPA – the Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Food Supply.

Whether for dairy or beef cattle, animal nutrition is considered one of the main pillars to obtain better profits. Alternative and natural sources are increasingly being sought for creating a balanced diet that is ideal for the rumen microbiota and provides positive results.

RumenYeast® is a natural additive supplemented in the diets of these animals, increasing nutritional value. Also, it stimulates the activity of cellulolytic bacteria, thus improving the environment of the rumen microbiota, which will lead to higher production and quality of dairy and beef, as well as improved overall health and welfare of ruminants.

Nutritional Plan

Defining production goals is key to target the better strategy and to obtain the expected results.

  • Specific feed for each phase;
  • Deficit and nutritional need;
  • Care, attention and food availability;
  • Climate and environmental temperature changes, ventilation, and hydration.

Proper structure and facilities reflect on the welfare and feed consumption of animals. Consequently, it affects performance, productivity, and quality of the final product. Sudden changes in climate, environment or management directly influence the consumption and the immune system response, making these animals more vulnerable to the development of diseases.


RumenYeast® has high levels of β-glucans and MOS, which reach the intestines without being degraded (by-pass), thus improving the immune system response, adsorption of mycotoxins and agglutination of pathogenic bacteria (with types 1 and 4 fimbriae).

Since the rumen is an ecosystem, and the diet modulates the rumen microbiota daily, a period of adaptation is required when supplementing RumenYeast® in the diet.


A healthy rumen microbiota will provide greater fiber digestion and increased maintenance of rumen pH, thus enhancing weight gain and milk production, as well as improving intestinal integrity and strengthening the immune system.

  • Increased maintenance of rumen pH
  • Enhanced milk production
  • Greater herd health
  • Decreased mortality rate of calves
  • Lower incidence of respiratory diseases in calves

Increase your cattle performance. Invest in animal nutritional and obtain the results you need for your farm.


Posted in 18 September of 2019