ICC adopts the concept of a multidisciplinary team as a growth strategy

The model integrates the bold strategy of the global company’s plan of sustainable growth for the following years


To count on a team of professionals of several functions, skills, and qualifications that complement themselves for the same objective is one of the fronts established in the ICC’s expansion plans. “We are a well-succeeded company, about to complete 30 years of non-stoppable operations in the animal nutrition market, providing natural and high technology additives, and technical-scientific skills for the global market”, starts Glycon Santos, the CEO of ICC Brazil.

Throughout these decades, as the executive recalls, the company’s success has been sustained by the determination and purpose of people and the portfolio products. “Now, to consolidate our growth plan of 10% per year, we have integrated professionals with different experiences to the team to bring more knowledge to the ICC’s operations”, says Glycon. This plan is part of the company’s major goal: to be one of the global leaders in natural additives for animal nutrition in a sustainable way, committed to developing the people and the communities where the company operates.

The first name announced in this process was Jean Carlo Sobral, a professional with a long history in the market as the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of ICC Brazil since 2019. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting Sciences from the University of São Paulo (Universidade de São Paulo – USP), an MBA in Controllership by the same educational institution, and a Master’s Degree in Business Management by FIA Business School (Business Administration Institute Foundation – FIA). “This is a field with different aspects and depends on the origin of each company. As soon as I started here, I encountered an appropriate organizational structure and many opportunities. Over this period, we sophisticated processes, aligned standards, and implemented new procedures aiming at the desired growth. A combination seeking measurements, notes, assessments, controls, compliances, among other points to increase the procedures and the operations of ICC”, said the CFO.

Another strategic choice for this task of sustainable growth was Otavio Fregonesi, a Veterinary Physician who graduated from the State University of São Paulo (Universidade Estadual de São Paulo – Unesp), with specialization in People Management by the Getúlio Vargas Foundation (Fundação Getúlio Vargas – FGV) and in Marketing in Business Management by the School of Higher Education in Marketing and Advertising (Escola Superior de Propaganda e Marketing – ESPM). A professional with solid sales and marketing experience in animal health and nutrition companies developing high-performance staff.

Since January 2021, as Global Head of Marketing and Sales in ICC Brazil, the professional consolidates his steps towards the fixed goals. “We are still in a very early stage, focused especially on the accurate diagnosis of all the points with improvement opportunities. Currently, I am responsible for four areas: Sales, Marketing, R&D and the Technical Department. With specific managers in each one of the areas, we are working in the review of the structure, going through the people, processes, and technologies currently used, and those we will need for the near future”, Otavio emphasizes and highlights that the review of the cultural agenda, strategic planning, development of skills in management and business, people management and management rituals has conducted his work until now.

“So far, our expectations are being met. We can see that we are even more dynamic, and we are also introducing cultures that add value to our business. There are new perspectives and challenges in an environment with many opportunities. We are not stopping here. We are going to integrate more strategic professionals for the team”, Glycon adds.


About ICC – Founded in 1992, ICC is a company specialized in multispecies natural additives for animal nutrition, with its head office in the city of São Paulo. The continued innovation and financial support in research and development have always been present in the company’s DNA. Currently, ICC takes its technological solutions for more than 65 countries, having two industrial units – in the city of Macatuba and the city of Jundiaí, both in the state of São Paulo (SP) –, in addition to distribution sites based in the states of São Paulo, Goiás (GO) and Pernambuco (PE), its laboratory of analyses to guarantee the quality of its raw materials, processes, and products of its portfolio. Additionally, throughout its history in the industry of animal nutrition, ICC has been fomenting partnerships with universities and research centers in Brazil and all around the world. Learn more on www.iccbrazil.com


Posted in 13 December of 2021