ICC Brazil to participate in the 11th Simpósio Brasil Sul de Suinocultura (11th Brazil South Symposium on Swine Breeding)

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The company presents biotechnology products for natural and healthy diets

ICC Brazil is a specialized company in yeast-based additives and is taking part in the 11th Simpósio Brasil Sul de Suinocultura (SBSS) to present its product Hilyses®, a hydrolyzed yeast developed to provide the maximum of free nucleotides and nucleosides, making animal diets more natural and healthy. The event will be held from August 21-23, in Chapecó, Santa Catarina, and is one of the most important technical symposiums on swine breeding in Latin America.

According to Alexandre Filipe, Brazil’s south sales manager, SBSS is established every year as one of the reference events in swine breeding, mainly in southern Brazil. “Not only it is an opportunity to discuss current issues and learn about new technologies through lectures, but also to mingle with clients and friends,” he says. In addition to Alexandre, Ricardo Barbalho (National Sales Manager), William Brodbeck (North and Northeast Sales Manager), Liliana Borges (R&D Analyst), Aline Almeida (Marketing Coordinator) and Karoline Honorio (Marketing Analyst) will be present.

The Brazilian company, which is a reference in 100% natural animal feed, will have a booth set up to publicize the use of Hilyses® in the supplementation of swine. “Hilyses® provides free nucleotides and nucleosides, which are especially indicated for the development of weaned piglets and sows. One of its main benefits is the production of high-quality colostrum”, Alexandre explains.

Liliana highlights that the benefits are proven in biotechnological studies. “We observed that by supplementing the diets with Hilyses® and transmitting the nucleotides via colostrum, there is an improvement in the piglet’s weight gain and a significant mortality reduction” she states. Liliana also points out that ICC is investing in new researches on swine, proving the benefits of their products.

About ICC Brazil

For 25 years, ICC Brazil combines research and biotechnology, carrying out studies that prove the benefits of yeast-based additives for several animal species. The company follows a strict quality control in all production stages. ICC Brazil also provides innovative solutions, seeking animal health and development, as well as food safety and is present in approximately 50 countries.


Posted in 23 July of 2018