ICC Brazil introduces products for animal nutrition at SPACE 2018

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The event, that takes place in France, gathers companies and producers to introduce their latest solutions in animal nutrition

For the third consecutive year, ICC Brazil, a company specialized in yeast-based additives, will participate in the SPACE 2018, an event that brings together companies and producers to introduce their latest solutions in animal nutrition. The event is in its 32nd edition, which will be held on September 11-14, in Rennes, France.

ICC will be represented by the CEO Glycon Santos, the Europe technical supervisor Agathe Chaine, the Europe sales manager Philippe Demarest and the Europe and Middle East Manager Felipe Sant’Anna. ‘This will be a great opportunity to welcome clients and suppliers, improve our relationship whit them and to make new contacts as well. Also, we will be able to share news and results of our latest research and products, says Felipe.

The event’s main product will be RumenYeast®, composed of yeast and high concentration of metabolites that stimulate the development of microorganisms responsible for fermentation and maintenance of ruminal pH. RumenYeast® also has β-glucans and MOS, which strengthen the immune system and improve intestinal integrity, maximizing animal weight gain and milk production.

ICC will also introduce Hilyses® and ImmunoWall®. Hilyses® ® is a source of free nucleotides, the ideal form of absorption. It supports the early development of young animals and the efficiency of breeders, improving the feed conversion and overall productivity. ImmunoWall®® is functional fiber constituted by MOS and ß-glucans. It promotes balance and integrity in gut microflora due to its efficiency to agglutinate pathogenic bacteria such as Salmonella ssp and E. coli. It also activates the immune system preventing general pathogen challenges present in the field.

About ICC Brazil

For 25 years, ICC Brazil combines research and biotechnology, carrying out studies that prove the benefits of yeast-based additives on several animal species. The company follows a strict quality control in all production stages. The company also provides innovative solutions, seeking animal health and development, as well as food safety. ICC is present in approximately 50 countries.


Posted in 23 August of 2018