ICC Brazil participated in the Suinfest

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The event that took place in the state of Minas Gerais promoted the exchange of experiences among industry professionals

ICC Brazil, a specialized company in yeast-based additives, participated in the 10th Edition of the Pig Breeding Fair, Suinfest, which took place in Ponte Nova, Minas Gerais. It occurs every two years and promotes the exchange of experiences among professionals of this industry through technical lectures ministered by famous scholars or through motivational and enterprising presentations. This event is a great opportunity to make business, as it gathers the main suppliers in agribusiness, which present their latest products on the market with unique offers.

“It was an excellent opportunity for us to introduce our products and become closer to our partners”, said William Brodbeck, Regional Sales Manager who represented ICC in the event. Our company shared a booth with Comercial Bueno, which is the main ICC supplier in the region, and we could introduce Lyscell®, a yeast of greater digestibility that assists in the development of young animals and the ability of breeders. Comercial Bueno sells around 65 tons/month of ICC products in the region, which is the largest independent pig breeding hub in Brazil, with around 100 thousand swine.

About ICC Brazil

For 25 years, ICC Brazil combines research and biotechnology, carrying out studies that prove the benefits of yeast-based additives for several animal species. The company follows a strict quality control in all production stages. The company also provides innovative solutions, seeking animal health and development, as well as food safety. ICC is present in approximately 50 countries.


Posted in 06 September of 2018