ICC Brazil holds a lecture at the International Congress of Pig Producers

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The results of using yeast cell wall to improve the intestinal integrity of pigs will be presented

Proven solutions to improve the intestinal integrity of pigs will be presented by ICC Brazil, a Brazilian company specialized in yeast-based additives, at the 6th International Congress of Pig Producers (Porciecuador), which will take place on September 12 and 13 in Guayaquil, Ecuador. The meeting, held by the company Pronaca, will bring together local experts to discuss food and animal health.

Melina Bonato, R&D Coordinator, will be responsible for the lecture “ImmunoWall: Efecto inmunomodulador y sobre la integridad intestinal con el uso de MOS y β-glucanos” (“ImmunoWall: Immunomodulatory effects and intestinal integrity with the use of MOS and β-glucans”). ImmunoWall® is a yeast cell wall that focuses on improving intestinal integrity, resulting in animal welfare. It is composed of β-glucans, which modulate the immune system, strengthening it to fight several diseases. ICC will also be represented by Ricardo Toledo, Sales Manager of Latin America.

“Yeast cell walls are important to the nutrition market because they have prebiotic and immunomodulation properties, which reduce the use of antibiotics. The association of MOS + β-glucans allows pathogens to be eliminated and prepare pigs immunologically for immediate defense”, explains Melina.

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For 25 years, ICC Brazil combines research and biotechnology, carrying out studies that prove the benefits of yeast-based additives for several animal species. The company follows a strict quality control in all production stages. The company also provides innovative solutions, seeking animal health and development, as well as food safety. ICC is present in approximately 50 countries.


Posted in 30 August of 2018