IPPE 2016

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In addition to showcasing its brands, IPPE was critical to ICC (São Paulo/SP) due to the possibility of making direct contact with customers and distributors, says the company director Glycon Santos. Besides, the company seized the opportunity to take part in the technical seminar presenting the experiment “Performance of broilers fed diets supplemented with yeast mannan oligosaccharide and/or nucleotides from different sources”, delivered by R&D coordinator Dr. Melina Bonato.

Regarding the trade fair, ICC stand invited attendants to find out how to unleash the potential of poultry growth. The answer, according to Glycon, is using Hilyses, a source of free nucleotides and beta-glucan obtained through a unique fermentation process that promotes the release of free nucleotides and nucleosides for prompt absorption by animals.


Posted in 07 February of 2016

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