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In addition to improving digestibility, we have an ingredient that will intensify cell multiplication for the nutrition of young animals

ICC Brazil is a company that creates solutions for animal health and nutrition. Recognized in Brazil and abroad for its innovative capacity, our company creates products based on yeast. Since 1992, ICC has been working with Universities and national and international Research Centers, and over 200 in vivo and in vitro researches have been carried out in different areas of animal production, thus ensuring the quality and efficiency of our products.

ICC Brazil owns an export logistics center and a yeast manufacturing facility in Santos, with an area of 3,000 m², as well as a warehouse, a factory and an analysis lab in Macatuba, and administrative offices in China, USA, Europe, India and Uruguay, enabling the marketing and delivery of all company products to over 55 countries.

Solutions created by ICC Brazil provide productivity gains and animal welfare. They also assist in the control of pathogens and decrease of contamination, thus ensuring greater efficiency, profitability, and sustainability to business.

What is Hilyses®, and when to use it?

It is a source of nucleotides, glutamic acid, peptides and functional carbohydrates (MOS and β-glucans) from enzymatic hydrolysis processes, which may be used in periods of high growth rate, stress conditions or disease incidence, being an option for a balanced and supplemented diet, since free nucleotides may optimize functions of the immune system, gastrointestinal system, and energy use.

  • Nucleotides are needed to multiply the ordinary functions of epithelial cells of the intestinal mucosa, as well as of the innate lymphoid cells (ILC) associated with it, acting to increase defense against pathogens.
  • The presence of nucleotides in the mother’s milk influences the gastrointestinal development and the organism defenses since purines and pyrimidines are key to proliferate lymphocytes.

Nucleotides Input

Nucleotides are not considered essential nutrients because they are synthesized by the de novo pathway from amino acids, glucose, and other components.

However, the de novo pathway synthesis occurs through high energy expenditure and is limited in some tissues with a high rate of cell renewal, such as bone marrow, intestinal mucosa, hematopoietic cells, and lymphocytes. These tissues preferably use the salvage pathway, where they are produced from nucleotides, nucleosides and nitrogenous bases recycled from dead cells or exogenous sources.

Hilyses® is an excellent exogenous source of nucleotides and nucleosides, which are used through the salvage pathway with low energy expenditure, assisting in the full development of pups and the recovery of convalescent animals.

Hilyses® – Palatability

The improved palatability provided by Hilyses® is due to the presence of greater soluble material, especially free peptides and amino acids such as alanine, lysine, and glutamic acid, which stimulate amino acid receiving units.

Performance Digestiva


Umami flavor

UMAMI flavor activator

UMAMI is recognized for taste in the intake of foods with amino acids, mainly represented by glutamic acid (glutamate) and nucleotides (inosine monophosphate or inosinate and guanosine monophosphate or guanylate).

In the Food Preference Test, palatability promoted by Hilyses® proved superior to brewer’s yeast.

For diets of sensitive animals

Intestinal enterocytes may absorb low molecular weight peptides and amino acids.

These nutrients are especially important for younger animals, which do not produce enough enzymes to digest proteins completely. Also, in cases of hypersensitive animals, high molecular weight proteins or peptides may be recognized as antigens and trigger an allergic process characterized mainly by the appearance of skin irritation and itching.

Ingredients like Hilyses® may be considered protein sources, suitable for hypoallergenic diets of dogs and cats.

Solution 1 – IDEAL GROWTH

Free nucleotides and nucleosides are important in times of limited nutrient intake, stress, or rapid growth in dogs and cats. They assist in the ideal development by supporting metabolic functions, such as the renewal of bone marrow cells, intestinal mucosa cells, hematopoietic cells, and lymphocytes.


By providing MOS and β-glucans, Hilyses® protects and strengthens digestive system actions, making your pet better prepared to cope with adversity arising from stress periods and balancing microbiota through pathogen binding: Salmonella binding: 96% E. coli binding: 95%


The intracellular content of yeast is fully available, conferring the UMAMI flavor to the product due to the presence of amino acids, mainly glutamic acid (glutamate) and free nucleotides and nucleosides (guanosine monophosphate – GMP and inosine monophosphate – IMP). These nutrients are readily available to be absorbed into the intestine, presenting excellent palatability and consequently, higher feed intake for your pet.


Hilyses® contains high levels of short-chain peptides that are not recognized as allergens by the body of sensitive or allergic animals.


Posted in 13 August of 2019

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