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Pet palatability and animal nutrition walk side by side

The pet market segment keeps growing and generating business. Amid the recent political-economic crisis and considering the global situation, this is one of the segments that has not been negatively impacted. The average 5% growth moved the global economy in the pet segment, and companies keep searching for better animal feed ingredients. Thus, palatability has become more and more important.

ICC Brazil is a company that creates solutions for animal health and nutrition. Recognized in Brazil and abroad for its innovation, ICC develops products – mostly yeast-based – with proven quality and approved by the scientific community.  Frequent investments in biotechnology allowed for the company to develop high palatability products and products with other benefits for animal welfare.

Pet Palatability & Animal Health

By stimulating the sensory system, palatability naturally occurs. Taste buds and keen olfactory receptors attract pets to the feeding bowl; this is what a highly palatable feed does. So, put, palatability is “what is pleasing to the taste” and everything pleasing to the taste results in the highest intake.

A tasty meal acts directly on the taste and smell, stimulating taste buds and olfactory receptors that provide greater consumption; however, the benefits of yeast go far beyond the amount of feed consumption.

Enriched with essential nutrients that are made available to the gastrointestinal tract of animals, high-quality pet food contributes to animal health and welfare. Palatability acts as a trigger to feed consumption and consequently strengthens the immune system of cats and dogs.

Pesquisa e Desenvolvimento - Ração mais Palatável

A ICC Brazil produziu um material para profissionais que querem ampliar seu conhecimento técnico sobre a importância da palatabilidade, nutrição animal, e de como isso reflete no fortalecimento do sistema imunológico dos pets. O conteúdo traz informações baseadas em experimentos científicos, realizados in vivo, e apresenta resultados comprovados e aprovados pela comunidade cientifica.

Investigación Y Desarrollo – Alimento Más Palatable

ICC Brazil ha producido un material para profesionales que desean ampliar su conocimiento técnico acerca de la importancia de la palatabilidad, la nutrición animal, y de cómo eso se refleja en el fortalecimiento del sistema inmunitario de los pets. El contenido proporciona información basada en experimentos científicos realizados in vivo, y presenta resultados comprobados y aprobados por la comunidad científica.

Research and Development - More palatable feed

ICC Brazil developed a material for professionals who wish to broaden their technical knowledge on the importance of palatability and animal nutrition, and how this reflects on strengthening the immune system of pets. The content brings information based on scientific in vivo experiments and presents proven and attested results.

Importance and Benefits

Palatability is a major factor for feed consumption. Higher quality and more palatable ingredients make the feed more attractive to animals, including pets, making them consume the quantities needed for full development.

A feed with less attractive ingredients requires the addition of palatalizes, developed by specialized companies, to facilitate the acceptance of animals; this is an effective alternative for maintaining and ensuring adequate consumption. Feed consumption is less than the amount recommended by feed manufacturers may endanger the health and development of animals, because they will not be ingesting the adequate levels of nutrients they need; this may lead to various types of nutritional disorders.

For this reason, feed palatability is of major importance. Among high palatability ingredients, yeasts are greatly accepted, including by cats, which are extremely picky when it comes to palatability.

Since 1992, ICC has been working with Universities and national and international Research Centers, and over 200 studies and in vivo research have been carried out in different areas of animal production, ensuring the quality and efficiency of our products.


Posted in 02 August of 2019

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