Rainy season: how do palatability enhancers influence the high performance of the herd?

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Learn more about the importance of solutions that contribute to cattle’s nutritional adjustment, such as RuMel®, by ICC Brazil.

As the rainy season starts, the development of pastures is much favored. However, grass regrowth and forage production are not enough to maintain a good nutritional quality of the herd.

This is because the somewhat high ruminal degradability of grass protein in this phase, associated with low levels of non-fibrous carbohydrates in plants, limits the efficient use of nutrients by ruminal microorganisms.

It is worth remembering that, at this time in production, many cattle are in the growth and reproduction phases. Thus, their nutritional demands increase and need to be well met to avoid loss in production in the future.

Therefore, a solution to maintain the herd’s high performance during the rainy season is to provide supplements to the animals. This strategy is vital for producers that seek higher gain rates. Mineral, energetic or protein-energetic supplements, supplied in the range of 0.3% to 0.6% of live weight, are widely used in several production systems to intensify the gains in rearing and fattening on pasture in the rainy season.

Palatability enhancers and ruminants

However, it is not enough to offer only the supplementation in the feeder. It is necessary to think of strategies that ensure animals’ consumption since the pastures are even more attractive in this period.

One way to stimulate consumption and promote energy adjustment is through the use of palatability enhancers. The tastier the supplementation, the greater the animal consumption and nutritional gains.

With that in mind, ICC Brazil developed RuMel®, an energizing palatability enhancer with an intense molasses aroma. The solution is a source of highly available carbohydrates, providing other essential nutrients to cattle, such as amino acids, vitamins, and minerals.

RuMel® stimulates diet consumption and contributes to the nutritional adjustment for maximum animal performance. The energy additive also has 8.5% bioavailable calcium, thus controlling acidosis in ruminants. It can also be used in concentrated feeds, protein-energetic supplements in the pasture, creep-feed, forages, and energy adjustment for high production animals.

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Posted in 11 November of 2020