Technical seminar strengthens the relationship between ICC Brazil and customers in Asia

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In April, ICC Brazil, a Brazilian company specialized in yeast-based additives, announced its products at events held in Asia. It was an opportunity to strengthen relationships with customers and prospect new business. ICC held a technical seminar for aquaculture feed producers in Taiwan, which was attended by Charoen Pokphand (CP Group), the world’s largest feed company.

The PhD Dr Nermeen M. Abu-Elala from the Veterinary Medicine University of Cairo gave a presentation with experiment data showing the benefits of ImmunoWall® (yeast cell wall source of β-glucan and MOS) and Hilyses® (hydrolyzed yeast, source of nucleotides) in tilapia growth performance and in their immunological parameters, as well as survival rate when challenged after supplementation of diets containing ICC additives.

ICC’s commercial manager, Isabela Barros, thinks that the seminar can generate future results for ICC. “In addition to strengthening our relationship with several active clients, the meeting also allowed us to spread our activities, product differentiations and scientific work with potential clients, one of them being CP Vietnam,” she says.

About ICC Brazil

For 25 years ICC Brazil unites research and biotechnology, performing experiments that prove the benefits of yeast-based additives in several animal species. With a strict quality control and monitoring all stages of manufacturing, it provides innovative solutions that target animal health and performance as well as food safety. ICC Brazil is present in about 50 countries.


Posted in 01 June of 2018