Pig Farming 2021: With mycotoxins under control, producers take advantage of good forecasts

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The Fix Line solutions in pig production reduce mycotoxins’ risks and increase the chance for gains in production. 

The expectations of Brazilian pig farmers for 2021 are high, as the shared forecasts for this sector refer to a growth in production – even in this challenging scenario in which we are still living, imposed by the coronavirus pandemic.

Thus, it is essential to pay attention to market demands and follow the requirements of animal nutrition. This is because any risk can cause significant damage to producers’ production and profitability, who seek to take advantage of growth opportunities at this time.

When we talk about risks, we included here an invisible and permanent threat that results in millionaire losses every year: mycotoxins. This inevitable problem in the manufacturing of animal products directly reflects in the field production. Contaminations are present from the harvest of grains and cereals used as a basis in animal feed to the packaging of final products, directly affecting the entire animal production chain.

Produced by some fungi species, mycotoxins contaminate ingredients and diets imperceptibly, in addition to grains and cereals. When consumed, mycotoxins not only cause damage to the health of animals but can generate toxic effects on humans who consume contaminated animal products.

Thus, investing in solutions to fight mycotoxins is key for pig farmers who want to protect their production and seek opportunities in the face of good forecasts for this year that is about to begin.


Check out the main forecasts for pig farming in 2021

According to ABPA’s (Brazilian Association of Animal Protein) projections, released in December 2020, Brazilian pig production in 2021 can reach be 4.4 million tons. In 2020 there was an increase of 8% compared to the total produced in 2019, equivalent to 4.3 million tons.

And the good results of Brazilian protein exports are also expected to continue. ABPA’s forecasts an increase between 4,9% to 10% of tons shipped outside Brazil in 2021.

However, for this promising scenario to materialize in pig production, factors such as biosecurity, nutrition, management, and health must be monitored to simultaneously act positively in production. Inherent in these factors, the control of mycotoxins becomes extremely crucial, and protecting animals is a key element in production success, as the damage that mycotoxins can cause to producers is widely known. According to FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization) and the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture), these intermediate metabolites contaminate 25% of crops worldwide.


Protect pigs from mycotoxins with ICC Brazil’s Fix Line solutions

As we have already explained here on the blog, pig farmers must be aware of nutritional requirements at each production stage, providing a balanced diet, with highly digestible ingredients and also using additives that can enhance production gains.

Moreover, adopting measures of correct feed availability and ideal management conditions is key for better animal performance. This includes monitoring mycotoxins that can cause damage animals’ health, impairing their performance, and compromising business results.

To contribute to this fight, ICC Brazil, a pioneer in producing innovative yeast-based additives for animal nutrition, has high technology solutions to fight mycotoxins present in different types of for all animal species in all production stages, protecting health and ensuring more productivity.

They are ZeniFix®, BetaFix®, StarFix®, and MegaFix®. This complete portfolio was strategically developed to control the threats at each production stage. It is worth mentioning that, for better control of mycotoxins, all grain-based animal feeds, such as corn and soybeans, must use adsorbents in the composition.

Therefore, the use of mycotoxin-adsorbent products, combined with complete sanitary control, in pig production is key to effectively reduce the risks of contamination and expand the business results.


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Posted in 15 January of 2021