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Palatability test carried out with dogs showed their liking for feed with yeast by ICC Brazil

Just like humans’ sense of taste, there are several factors that influence the liking of animals’ sense of taste. More than that, they sharpen they liking for certain food. The hydrolyzed yeast succeeded in the dogs’ palatability test.

Animal palatability is stimulated by taste and smell. The search for scientific basis in animal palatability testing has been growing. A research carried out by ICC Brazil showed the efficiency of Hilyses®, a hydrolyzed yeast, in stimulating taste buds of animals. In the canine taste testing, it was observed that the slightly bitter taste was extremely pleasant to dogs.

Quantity x Quality

The fact that your dog eats in large quantities does not always represent greater nutritional value for the body. A balanced diet requires the right amount of feed consumption. This balance will supply the need for nutrients and energy elements your dog needs.

The wide variety of products available in the market makes the concern with the taste of feed provided by pet owners a reality. Feed being nutritious is important, but seeing the pet eat with pleasure has added value for pet owners. This satisfaction is directly connected to the love for their pet and the quality of product provided to them.

Advantages & Flavor

Hilyses® is composed of hydrolyzed yeast S. cerevisiae. The improved palatability provided by this product is due to the presence of greater soluble material, especially free peptides and amino acids such as alanine, lysine, and glutamic acid, which stimulate amino acid receiving units.

ICC Brazil

Recognized both in Brazil and abroad for providing innovative yeast-based animal nutrition solutions, with efficient logistics production, to serve the local market and over 55 countries.

Moreover, ICC has been working with Universities and national and international Research Centers, carrying out in vivo research in different areas of animal production, ensuring the quality and efficiency of our products in controlling pathogens and reducing contamination, thus increasing production gains, animal welfare, efficiency, and business sustainability.


Posted in 28 June of 2019

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