Top adsorbents’ use minimizes the mycotoxins’ effects on animal nutrition

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Investment in new technologies ensures more effective products to fight contamination caused by mycotoxins

Mycotoxins are inevitable in the food production process. These intermediate metabolites originated from some fungi species are highly toxic, contaminate grains, cereals, ingredients, and feed, thus requiring extra attention – mainly during the production of food for animal nutrition. This happens because the spread of mycotoxins occurs throughout the food chain, leading to contamination of animals and, consequently, final products for human consumption, such as meat, eggs, and milk. In other words: a real vicious cycle that can cause severe damage to human and animal health.

Although mycotoxin concentrations are considerably minimized during some stages of the food production process, such as fermentation, pelletizing, and extrusion, they are considered stable compounds. Any failure in control can lead to an increase in concentration. Considering that the animal feed basis is composed of grains and cereals, part of this production has chronic contamination by more than one type of mycotoxin. This situation is unfortunately inevitable since the main species of toxigenic fungi are spread in the environment.  In this scenario, the use of mycotoxin-adsorbent products, combined with complete sanitary control, is vital to reduce the risks of contamination effectively.

For this reason, ICC Brazil, a pioneer in the production of innovative animal nutrition based on yeast additives, has high technology solutions to fight mycotoxins present in different types of feed for all animal species, protecting the animals and ensuring more productivity.

Among the products developed by the company, we have the Fix Line. A complete line of mycotoxin-adsorbents, strategically formulated to definitively smash any threat. There are four different options for each type of challenge.

Discover the Fix Line adsorbents produced by ICC Brazil:


Consists of aluminosilicates (HSCAS), specially selected for their high efficiency in adsorbing polar mycotoxins, such as aflatoxins and T-2. The cation exchange capacity of ZeniFix® is closely monitored to ensure adsorption efficiency without capturing vitamins and minerals. It is the perfect solution for the diet of all animal species at different ages and physiological stages.



It is a high-efficiency entero-adsorbent against polar and nonpolar mycotoxins, such as aflatoxin, fumonisin, and T-2. The product was carefully developed so that its components have a synergistic effect to ensure the best adsorption capacity of mycotoxins while maintaining the safety of the feed’s nutritional properties.



Specially developed for maintaining liver health; thus it is formulated with a large concentration of high resistance β-glucans combined with free nucleotides and microlaminated aluminosilicates that guarantee efficiency against zearalenone, aflatoxin and fumonisin mycotoxins. Free nucleotides act to support liver regeneration. StarFix® can be applied to all animal species, but it is especially suitable for swine, shrimp, and tilapia diets.


MegaFix ®

Developed for use in acute challenging conditions caused by mycotoxins, especially zearalenone and DON, the adsorbent is formulated with probiotics capable of producing enzymes that denature mycotoxins. It is the most advanced technological and natural solution in the fight and management of the main mycotoxins. It is especially indicated for the diets of pigs and piglets.


About ICC Brazil

ICC Brazil is a company that creates solutions for animal health and nutrition. Recognized in Brazil and abroad for its innovative capacity, our company develops yeast-based products obtained through the sugar cane fermentation process. Since 1992, ICC has been working with Universities and national and international Research Centers, and over 200 in vivo and in vitro studies have been carried out in different areas of animal production, ensuring the quality and efficiency of our products.






Posted in 04 November of 2020