Study proves that ICC Brazil products are EHP-free


ImmunoWall® and StarYeast® free of the Enterocytozoon hepatopenaei (EHP) parasite


ImmunoWall® and StarYeast®, produced by ICC Brazil – a pioneering company in the production of innovative solutions for animal nutrition based on yeast –, were tested according to international evaluation standards and obtained negative results for Enterocytozoon hepatopenaei (EHP), a microsporidian parasite that affects the hepatopancreas of shrimp.

The parasite is not highly deadly, but it does impact the growth and performance of animals. Its history of occurrences is mainly in Southeast Asia. One of the means of contamination of these animals is orally, mainly through feeding, this means that if the food is contaminated, the animals will certainly have problems.

Recent research showed that more than half of the raw materials of sea origin for shrimp feed had been tested and the result has been positive for EHP in many countries. ICC Brazil reinforces the need for having safe options to avoid damage to the health of the animals, to the producer or the final consumer.


“Our customers’ concerns are our main priority, which is why we submitted samples from ImmunoWall® and StarYeast® to a famous laboratory in Thailand to detect EHP. The results showed that EHP was ”undetectable” for both products through nested-PCR, which means that they are safe options from a health standpoint, says Dr. Melina Bonato, research and development manager.


ImmunoWall® is a natural source of MOS and β-glucans, derived from a thick cell wall of purified yeast. It improves intestinal integrity and promotes microbiota balance due to its efficiency in agglutinating pathogenic bacteria. Its components enhance the immune system. StarYeast® is an inactive dried yeast derived from the fermentation of sugar cane molasses. In addition to high palatability, it has an excellent nutritional profile, with a high concentration of B vitamins.

About ICC Brazil

ICC Brazil is a company that creates solutions for animal health and nutrition. Recognized in Brazil and abroad for its innovative capacity, our company creates products based on sugarcane yeast. Since 1992, ICC has been working with Universities and national and international Research Centers, and over 200 studies and in vivo research have been carried out in different areas of animal production, ensuring the quality and efficiency of our products.


Posted in 28 January of 2020