ICC Brazil Adopts Prevention Measures Against the Coronavirus


The Macatuba Unit in São Paulo implemented the actions in March

Following the guidelines of the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Ministry of Health, ICC Brazil, a pioneer in the production of innovative solutions for yeast-based animal nutrition additives, has adopted several measures in its units to fight the spread of the new coronavirus. Office teams have started to work remotely, while factories and warehouses, in which halting production is not an option, have implemented the recommended actions.

The Macatuba Unit, situated in São Paulo’s countryside, comprises the factory and warehouse responsible for mixing, receiving and sending products to customers. Moreover, exported goods are sent from the Unit to different parts of Brazil and to other countries through the Port of Santos causing a high flow of trucks.

With this in mind, ICC Brazil has put in place a number of procedures and has been working on a series of guidelines for employees and truck drivers since March:

  • Guidance for truck drivers to stay inside their cabin while carrying out their duties and exiting only to install or remove the cover from their vehicle, using the masks and gloves at all times;
  • Guidance to keep 1.5 meters distance from others;
  • Guidance on prevention and infection methods;
  • Use of bulletins on walls;
  • Availability of 70% alcohol hand sanitizer for all employees;
  • In the lunch hall, chairs are distributed to ensure appropriate spacing and surfaces are cleaned with recommended sanitizing products;
  • Delivery of washable cloth masks to make up for the lack of disposable ones.

About ICC Brazil

ICC Brazil is a company that creates solutions for animal health and nutrition. Recognized in Brazil and abroad for its innovative solutions, our company creates products based on sugarcane yeast. Since 1992, ICC has been working with universities as well as national and international research centers to carry out over 200 studies and in vivo research in different areas of animal production, ensuring the quality and efficiency of our products. https://www.iccbrazil.com





Posted in 27 April of 2020