Beet Pulp and its use for Pet Nutrition

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Beetroot pulp has a functional phytotherapy role in supplementing pet food.


Knowing the advantages that food may provide to the health of animals has been a source of research in nutritional science for years.

In addition to the basic functions of feeding and nourishing, functional food also promotes metabolic effects. This type of product has caught the eye of the production chain. This is the case of beet pulp, which, in addition to nutritional benefits, has phytotherapy and therapeutic role when used in pet food supplementation. It has been widely used in horse nutrition as well.


Why using it?

Since it is the noblest source of fiber for the pet segment, the benefits of Beet Pulp are notorious.


Source of Energy

The fermentable fraction of the Beet Pulp is degraded into short-chain fatty acids and used as an energy source by intestinal cells.


Pesquisa e Desenvolvimento - Ração mais Palatável

A ICC Brazil produziu um material para profissionais que querem ampliar seu conhecimento técnico sobre a importância da palatabilidade, nutrição animal, e de como isso reflete no fortalecimento do sistema imunológico dos pets. O conteúdo traz informações baseadas em experimentos científicos, realizados in vivo, e apresenta resultados comprovados e aprovados pela comunidade cientifica.

Investigación Y Desarrollo – Alimento Más Palatable

ICC Brazil ha producido un material para profesionales que desean ampliar su conocimiento técnico acerca de la importancia de la palatabilidad, la nutrición animal, y de cómo eso se refleja en el fortalecimiento del sistema inmunitario de los pets. El contenido proporciona información basada en experimentos científicos realizados in vivo, y presenta resultados comprobados y aprobados por la comunidad científica.

Research and Development - More palatable feed

ICC Brazil developed a material for professionals who wish to broaden their technical knowledge on the importance of palatability and animal nutrition, and how this reflects on strengthening the immune system of pets. The content brings information based on scientific in vivo experiments and presents proven and attested results.

Its exclusive composition of moderate fermentation fibers and low lignin prevents irritation of the intestinal mucosa, keeps the colon healthy, and massages the intestinal wall, thus increasing the peristaltic movement and facilitating the excretion of feces.


Fibers from White Beet Pulp also act as a water and microorganism absorption structure in feces, improving consistency, and reducing fecal odor.


The better consistency of feces (fecal score) makes excretion much easier, which increases the welfare of animals that consume feed with Beet Pulp. It is especially recommended for dogs and cats.


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Posted in 29 January of 2020

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