Egg quality: how do packaging and storage impact the final product?

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From laying to commercialization, ICC shows you how important the details are in egg handling.

The quality of the eggs is linked to numerous factors in the production of laying hens, which range from nutrition to the color of the yolk, flavor, palatability, and appearance. In order to produce eggs with maximum quality for human consumption, it is essential to consider every detail, which also includes storage and the final delivery. Do you know how the packaging selection reflects on the quality of eggs? After all, they are perishable foods, which can lose quality if not appropriately handled. From laying to commercialization, it is important to preserve their original quality as much as possible.

The study “Qualidade física de ovos armazenados em diferentes condições de embalagens sob temperatura ambiente” (Physical quality of eggs stored in different packaging conditions at room temperature) observed the factors that influence this response. It was conducted by Scatolini-Silva et. al. (2013) at the Laboratory of Technology for Animal Products of the Technology Department of the Agricultural and Veterinary Sciences School of Unesp (Universidade Estadual Paulista), in Jaboticabal. The analyzes were carried out by the researchers for two months, using 300 white-shelled eggs to determine their physical characteristics, all without cracks and classified as large, by 56-week old light laying hens (Hy Line W-36), from the same breeding system.

The study concluded that “the internal quality of the eggs decreases with the storage time at room temperature more significantly in eggs packaged in plastic film, since the packaging of eggs in vacuum conditions preserved some of their quality characteristics, such as HU, YI and weight maintenance %.” Moreover, it was observed that “hygiene, in many of the evaluated characteristics, resulted in an egg quality drop.” Thus, it was concluded that with the appropriate sanitization, the storage conditions of eggs in PVC film could be improved, as the drop in their internal quality was affected the most.

Improve the quality of poultry production with ICC Brazil’s ImmunoWall®

ImmunoWall® is the additive from ICC Brazil that offers improvements in the nutrition of laying hens, enhancing the quality of the eggs produced. This solution stands out from other products in the market as it is composed of a dense cell wall of Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast and has high concentrations of β-glucans and MOS, thus resulting in an additive with proven results and great cost-benefit. β-glucans and MOS ensure animals keep the balance of gut microbiota and improve their immune system, resulting in less contamination by pathogens. ImmunoWall® also helps to improve the welfare of animals, as well as their performance in laying.

Studies carried out by ICC Brazil showed that supplementing the animal diet with ImmunoWall® reduces Salmonella enteritidis contamination in hens, and consequently, in their eggs, by 90%. Thus, ImmunoWall® supplementation ensures that hens maintain the balance of the gut microbiota and improve immune system responses, resulting in decreased contamination and transmission of pathogenic bacteria to other organs of the body

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Posted in 28 July of 2020

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