RumenYeast®: the use of yeast to overcome dairy herd challenges

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The benefits of using yeast in ruminant nutrition are contributing to advances in milk production. That’s because this natural solution in the ICC Animal Nutrition portfolio meets the sector’s main challenges. For example, RumenYeast® consists of pure Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast subjected to the Four Steps RumenYeast® process, and has brought numerous gains to businesses.

Its vitamins, peptides, free amino acids, and functional carbohydrates, such as MOS and β-glucans help to dealing with common problems in milk production, from stress in the first days of calves’ lives to improving the performance and health of the herd.

All these results have been achieved in milk production through nutritional management without the need to use antibiotics. Learn more about the advantages of using yeast in ruminant nutrition in this reading, which is based on the science and experience acquired over more than 30 years at ICC Animal Nutrition.

How RumenYeast® improves the performance and health of dairy herds

Milk production productivity rates are directly related to rumen nutrition and health, as a well-nourished, healthy, and properly stimulated rumen microbiota contributes to performance gains and improved animal health. Therefore, aiming at maintaining high productivity in dairy herds, ICC experts Melina Bonato and Ricardo Barbalho recommend the use of RumenYeast®.

Soluble fermentation solids help to modulate and support the rumen flora, accelerating the digestion of cellulose and hemicellulose, stabilizing the rumen’s pH under conditions of feeding or caloric stress and increasing the production of fatty acids. In addition, the presence of a yeast cell wall rich in β-glucans and MOS contributes to strengthening the immune system and controlling pathogen contamination in the intestine.

It is worth remembering that there are many functional ingredients available on the market today that provide performance gains and improve animal health. The pressure and demands of the national and international markets on these points are increasing, since maintaining the health and performance of the animals is a guarantee of food safety.

However, even though there are a variety of “natural” products, many have been questioned. But with the use of soluble fermentation solids, there is no need to worry, as the solution is not based on live microorganisms, but on an excellent substrate with nutrients and metabolites from fermentation, which will act as food for the entire rumen microbiota and consequently improve production performance.

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Posted in 28 September of 2023