Rumen health of dairy cows ensures good production and farm profit

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Taking good care of the health of the rumen is essential for the dairy cow to express its full potential in terms of milk production. “The rumen is a great fermenter, containing hundreds of billions of microorganisms. If it is in good condition, it contributes greatly to the success of production. However, ruminal disturbances can result in inadequate performance and negative impact on farm profitability, as there will be losses in terms of feed efficiency,” says Melina Bonato, global R&D manager at ICC, a leader in natural yeast-based nutritional solutions for animal production.

The expert explains that non-structural and structural carbohydrates make up the bulk of dairy cows’ diets. They are fermented by the microorganisms in the rumen and converted mainly into volatile fatty acids, which provide 70-80% of the animal’s energy needs. “These acids are readily absorbed by the rumen, enabling the cow to direct them towards milk production. However, the imbalance between structural and non-structural carbohydrates can lead to overproduction of lactic acid and ruminal acidosis, compromising the health of this vital digestive organ.”

Melina Bonato emphasizes that “maintaining a healthy rumen and its proper functioning will impact on the digestion of these carbohydrates, that is, on the digestion of fibers that provide energy for milk production and maintain the balance of the ruminal microbiota and production of volatile fatty acids to synthesize milk fat.”

An effective method of adjusting and balancing dairy cows’ diets to protect rumen health is to add yeast-based components to the animals’ feed. “Supplementation of yeast-based additives can help modulate the population of bacteria that use lactic acid and fiber-digesting bacteria, which helps maintain cow rumen health and milk production levels,” says the ICC expert.

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Posted in 25 July of 2023