Rumen health is essential for the good performance of cattle

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Cattle digestion occurs predominantly in the rumen, through fermentation by microbial communities. That is, feeding cattle in a healthy way is basically feeding their rumen microbiota. “The rumen is a large fermenter, with a volume of about 180 liters of material, containing approximately 150 billion microorganisms per teaspoon. Therefore, ruminal health is extremely important for the good performance of animals,” explains Melina Bonato, Global R&D Manager at ICC, a leading company in natural nutritional solutions based on yeast for animal production.

“Rumen disturbances can result in inadequate animal performance and negative impact on the profitability of the property, as in this scenario there will be lower feed conversion rates,” adds the expert, highlighting that each ingredient in the diet is important for body maintenance and performance of cattle. “However, for food to fulfill its role, it must be satisfactorily consumed and digested.”

Melina Bonato explains that adequate food intake depends on the total amount of nutrients received by the animal to fulfill the functions of growth, health, production, and reproduction. “In summary, food intake is regulated and influenced by physical, chemical, metabolic, neurohormonal mechanisms, water intake, and environmental factors,” she says.

It is important to point out that to reach the production goals, “it is essential to guarantee the proper balance between the ingredients in the diet according to the availability of the nutrients contained and to ensure that the resulting product is attractive to the animals,” concludes Melina.

RumenYeast® – Ruminal and intestinal double modulation

RumenYeast® is a natural, functional, and pure choice to face the different challenges of meat production with production efficiency.

RumenYeast® is a pioneering technology that utilizes 4SRY technology to enhance the digestibility of diets, maintain gastrointestinal tract integrity, and enhance immune response, thereby delivering enhanced health, welfare, safety, efficiency, and productivity.

Especially in intensive production systems, there is a period of adaptation to grain-rich diets, health challenges, and heat stress.

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Posted in 28 September of 2023