Ruminants’ immunity and gut modulators

Beef Cattle, Dairy Cows

Since the uterus, going through the breastfeeding phase, to eating solid food, it is important considering the advantages of gut modulators to strengthen ruminants’ immunity

Health and performance of beef or milk cattle are directly related to a strong, resistant intestinal flora, able to fight external contaminants.

Genetic and environmental factors and even birth conditions may interfere in the development of the intestinal tract, which will, in the future, be determinant in the immunity of ruminants.

The quality of food for cows, during pregnancy, for example, will define the strength level of the calf’s immune system, because genetics is predominant. In other words, almost everything that enters the mother’s body, either orally or by other means, is absorbed by the calf, even if intrauterine. This means that the use of growth-promoting antibiotic additives in pregnant or lactating cows is not recommended. This caveat is intended to prevent future problems in calves.

Colostrum should be offered to the newborn as soon as it is born, so that the defense process of the body, which is not yet fully formed about the gastrointestinal tract. This colostrum, which is not yet considered milk, is of key importance for its nutritional, immunological, antiseptic and laxative action.

As a result of colostrum suckling, every newborn mammal produces its first feces, also called meconium.

Thus, special care must be given, mainly in the first weeks and months of life, to develop the physiological immunity of the gastrointestinal organs in a healthy and strengthened way.

The rumen is the major subdivision of the ruminant’s gastric system, and it is also responsible for the fermentation that will assist in the digestion. In other words, it is a “pre-digestive” stage. In turn, enzymatic digestion takes place in the abomasum, another component of the ruminant’s digestive system. Both parties benefit from the action of MOS, present in cow colostrum and natural yeast-based additives produced by ICC Brazil. Reticulum and Omasum complete these animals’ anatomy of the digestive system.

Gut modulators & Ruminant’s immunity

To investigate health levels or to identify problems in the body of ruminants, the best raw material are feces. So, we shall establish the relation among bacteria, parasites, fungi and protozoa, and not only as the villains of intestinal microbiota, but as allies to studies that give scientific basis for research, thus resulting in products that act as gut modulators and contributing to strengthen the immunity of ruminants, just like the case with ImmunoWall® natural yeast supplement from ICC Brazil.

ImmunoWall® prevents pathogens in the intestinal tract and also stimulates immuno-activity. It may be used in pregnant or lactating cows, since it increases the number of good bacteria, such as lactobacilli and bifidobacteria. The product also assists in the creation of an immune barrier due to its powerful mycotoxin adsorption property, composed of 1,3-1,6 β-glucans and MOS (mannan oligosaccharides). To learn more, click here and watch the video.


Posted in 24 October of 2019